Which season of H2O is your favourite ? :)

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Yesterday Kelly alerted me that Dance Academy star Isabel Durant had recently begun following a ‘Cariba Heine’ twitter account. Kelly and I were both shocked and delighted at the prospect of Cariba finally portraying into the world of social media…until we saw the account.

After years of running a Cariba fansite, Kelly and I are used to dealing with fans pretending to be Cariba, so naturally we were a bit hesitant. But thanks to some ~investigating~ and our excellent sleuthing skills, we have concluded that the twitter account is fake by comparing the dates twit pics were uploaded on versus the date stamps on this gallery of Cariba images. Since the twitter account uploads pictures weeks if not months and months after the gallery uploads them - and even when it’s not throwback thursday! - and that twitter is generally used to post current and new pictures/information, we think that is suspicious enough. The account’s most recent image was taken back in March!

Now, Isabel Durant does follow this ‘account’. Kelly and I agree that Issi was a little too excited at the prospect of Cariba being on twitter, and has seem some of the images uploaded to the account before, and just assumed it was Cariba because the pictures were familiar to her. Jonathan M. Shiff’s account (which is managed by his handlers) followed suit, likely for similar reasons and/or her account came up under the list of accounts twitter suggests be followed. It happens!

However, if anyone has any information proving that this account is legit, please let us know! But for now, we’re not buying it until Isabel, Jonathan or someone else close to Cariba addresses it directly. 

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I know that we’ve had a lot of questions concerning season 4 and H2O wikis, so: 

Please do not believe anything about season 4 you see on any wiki - especially Wikipedia. Remember that ANYONE can edit wikis, meaning that certain information may not be correct. There is a reason most schools discourage you from using Wikipedia as an information source (I know that my school would not accept a piece of work if Wikipedia was listed as a source in the bibliography). This applies to H2O too.

So, season 4:

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New feature on Fuck Yeah H2O: DVD Information! I am slowly going to compile DVD information and purchasing links (as well as general showtimes for reruns, if you live in the US, UK or Australia you can check Cariba Net’s comprehensive showtimes page) for each country H2O airs in. Though this will obviously take a while, I’m going to try my best. I’m going to begin with the US, then lump the UK/Australia together, then move onto Eastern Europe, then Latin America and so on.

If you live in the US, you can currently only buy the first half of season 1 on DVD. All three season of H2O are available to watch instantly on Netflix, however the individual disks can not be rented. 

You can buy the DVD here!

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Can i just state the fact that, season 3 of H2O hasn't even aired yet in Australia or neighbouring countries... So what made you guys think that there's going to be a season 4? #jussayin

We’ve stated in our faq that we DON’T think there will be a fourth season. Everyone here at Fuck Yeah H2O would be extremely, extremely surprised if a fourth season was commissioned.

Some fans, however, are little delusional and refuse to be logical. They still think there will be a season 4. Fuck Yeah H2O does not think there will be a fourth season.

Adding this question the faq and not answering it again. 

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Plucked from Cariba Net. To create a more comprehensive faq section, instead of creating a separate page I thought we’d just archive everything with a tag.

Q: Where can I watch H2O?

A: This depends on where you live:

USA: H2O seasons 1-3 can be watched instantly on Netflix and all of season 1 and a portion of season 2 can be purchased on the US iTunes. It is also being shown on TeenNick.

UK and Australia: Re-reuns are aired in both countries frequently. All seasons can be purchased on iTunes and Aussies can buy season dvds.

Here is a regularly updated list of showtimes for the US, UK and Australia.

Eastern Europe/other countries: We are working on trying to add more international show times to Cariba Net’s re-run calendar. If you live in a country that is not listed here, I would recommend finding a H2O fansite run by someone who lives in your country (such as H2O Hungary for Hungarian viewers or Mermaids Mania for Russian viewers and either looking around the site for a showtimes list or contacting the webmaster. I am sure they can help you. Fans who live in Eastern Europe can watch H2O on Disney, but it all depends. Checking your country’s Disney channel website may be of use too.

Q: So H2O is airing in the US again. Do you know if they will air seasons 2 and 3? A: No, we do not. Teen Nick has aired a few episodes of season 2, but we do not know if they will air the rest of the season and/or season 3. Please remember that this all depends on ratings. If you want to see later seasons aired in the US, please watch H2O when it airs, visit its website on Teen Nick and (if possible) record the episodes. Get your friends, relatives, neighbours, those bratty kids you babysit, your librarian - seriously, as many people as you can - interested in the show and encourage them to watch too. It all helps.

Q: H2O Season 4?! :D

A: It’s not happening!

Our reasoning -

- Look at the way Channel 4 treated season 3. It may be difficult to acquire the funds to make a season 4 and Channel 4 being unwilling to air it may be problematic. To me, a lack of funds + no support from its native Australia = H2O will not be commissioned for a fourth season.

- Hannah Murray WILL NOT be the new mermaid! Hannah studies English at Cambridge. She is a very busy student. Cambridge has been flexible enough to give her a little bit of time off to film projects, but it’s a hassle for the university and she probably doesn’t like having to miss class. She has stated numerous times she primarily films projects over the holidays: H2O films in Australia over the Summer, but it would be Winter in England. Hannah would miss tons of classes. Hannah also has a ton of new projects under her belt at the moment – she does not have the time to head out to Australia to film H2O.

- There were originally only supposed to be two seasons, they were really pushing their luck with season three. I can’t see them doing it again.

- It seems likely that many of the essential costumes (i.e. the tails), props and sets have already been destroyed our stored away.

- I don’t think any of the actors would be interested in taking MORE time out of their schedules to make a fourth season. On top of this, ALL of the main cast members have other projects. Phoebe, for example, has literally no time in her schedule to film a fourth season – she has a brand new show on the CW to film and she’s signed on for the second Tomorrow When The War Begins film (assuming it’s ever made - TWTWB is a franchise that is very important to Aussies and if they make a sequel to the first movie, I feel that Phoebe would feel obliged - almost like it was her duty - to reprise her role as Fi. Like I said, TWTWB is very important to Australians and I think that, if faced with the choice between the second Tomorrow When The War Begins film or a fourth season of H2O, Phoebe would go for the sequel over H2O).

- And finally: what would it be about? It seems unlikely that everyone ended up at the same university.

Q: What is known about Mako: Island of Secrets? Who was cast? When will it be released?

A: This is all that is known at the moment. We will make updates with information as it comes out.

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